Books for sale

Realistically, unless it’s a classic (or contains swoon-worthy pictures of Robbie Williams) once I’ve devoured a book, I’m never going to read it again. So instead of gathering dust on my bookshelf, I flog my chick-lit through Green Metropolis. It’s simple…

1.) Round up your unwanted books and set-up your account at

2.) Log-in and select ‘Sell Books’, then key in the ISBN of the book you wish to sell. The site will identify your title and ask you to select its condtion.

3.) Choose what price to sell your book at. Green Metropolis pay £3.00 for every book sold, and helpfully tells you how much postage will be for your title. This means you can work out what your profit will be (£3.00 – postage & packing = profit). It’s helpful to look at what prices others are selling the same book for on the site to ensure you can price competitively.


5.) Congratulations! Your book is then ‘on the market’.

6.) You receive an email once your book is sold, simply print this out, pop your book into a padded envelope attach the purchasers name and address to the front and include the delivery slip inside.

7.) Tootle off to your local Post Office and ask one of the nice people at the counter if you can have a certificate of posting (this is useful in case of disputes – not that I’ve ever known any).

8.) Once you’ve posted your book, log onto Green Metropolis and mark the title as ‘sent’.

9.) Simply wait seven days and the funds will appear in your Green Metropolis account where you can either use them to purchase books, or cash them into your bank account.

Granted, it’s not going to make you a millionaire, but I’ve sold two books in the past two weeks, which, if nothing else, has helped me to pay for all of my dental products!

To find out more visit Green Metropolis.


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