Sunday Digest: Hibernation

This was the week I…

* Hibernated from the freezing temperatures (but secretly loved the snow) * Experienced the rush of extreme drama and the lull of the totally mundane at my temping assignment * Discussed how to apply for your dream job * Started reading Memoirs of a Geisha – brilliant – how had that book passed me by? * Watched lots and lots of The Big Bang Theory – geek, yet not so chic, hilarious though * Came up with some new ideas for the blog (watch this space) * Sold another book on Green Metropolis * Wondered how you told (or would tell) your nearest and dearest about your engagement * Have been inspired by Gala Darling’s blog… again * Dealt with some job agencies – some good, some awful * Exercised – for free! * Wanted to go back to Paris thanks to the photos on Life/Style/Flash (well jel!) * Believed in the power of Feng Shui * Wanted to stop looking like Chewbacca * Consumed a lot of calories in an attempt to stay toasty * Worked my way through a monster to do list, before rewarding myself with food at Frankie and Benny’s * Drank far too much hot chocolate *

How was your week?


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