Watch the pennies…

Yes, it’s a cliché, but it’s also scarily true. So, unlike the Veruca Salt like girl I used to work with who used to throw her small change in the bin (well why would you need that cluttering up your purse when Daddy pays for everything?) – we’ve been stashing our coins in a Terramundi money pot over the past few years.

The beauty of a Terramundi, as opposed to a traditional piggy bank or over-sized whisky bottle is that there’s no way to access the cash stashed inside in the short-term. There’s no bung to remove, no top to unscrew. When you want your money – the only way you’re going to get it is to smash the pot. This somehow makes you more determined to wait until the pot is completely full. After all, it’s kind of a shame to smash something so pretty before you have to.

That time came this weekend, when we took a hammer to the Terramundi, and whilst it was a shame that we’ve lost a pretty ornament we were pretty impressed with the contents we found inside. Granted a pile of pennies, tuppences and other small change doesn’t look that impressive at first. But once we’d counted it all up and deposited it into money bags ready to be paid into the bank, we were chuffed to discover we had almost £30 contained in our little clay pot. We certainly hadn’t missed that money, so what an easy way to save!




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