This was originally intended as an area for me to record all of the things I was coveting, but in a bid to be frugal, was bravely saying no to. This has now been replaced by Spend it Saturday! Tune in every Saturday to see what my latest temptation is… and if I can manage to resist!

Here are a few posts to get you started…

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I know what you’re thinking… Call yourself Babe on a Budget, yet you keep splashing the cash on Starbucks, weekends away and extravagant gifts…tsk! You must think I’m the worst role model ever. Well maybe I can change your mind by showing you all the things I want to blow the budget on…but alas, I resist.



Last weekend I attended the Vintage Chic Wedding Fayre at The Custard Factory in Birmingham. With stacks of vintage style inspiration crammed into The Old Library it was, at times, impossible to move for the amount of ‘yummy not yet mummys’ that filled the place. I took away some fab ideas which, to be honest, I can create myself and don’t need a supplier to charge me the world for (sorry!). However, there were a couple of stalls which really caught my eye (until I was caught up in the tidal wave of people and literally dragged to the next stall!).

One of these was Blanche & Lola who had the most amazing vintage and upcycled handmade jewellery. I loved this tea-cup ring, as well as their beautiful rose rings. I resisted, but only just. I always used to wear large characterful rings in my younger days, whereas now it’s generally just the engagement diamond and sometimes my amber ring which I was given for my 21-st sneaks on.

You can order Blanche & Lola’s beautiful rings and a whole host of other gorgeous jewellery on their website…temptation indeed!


The new shoe collection at good old M&S is proving decidedly tempting…

Per_Una_Diamonte_and_bead_dolly_shoes Perfect for dressing up jeans at the weekend

Reckon these would be perfect to slip on under the big white frock at the evening do so I can dance the night away in comfort!


Sensible but chic


How cute are these for the day job?


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