Tasty Tuesday: Sweet Chilli Chicken Wraps

wrapIn my old job I used to spend a fortune on lunches. I’ve never been very motivated to make myself sandwiches the evening before and, besides, M&S was just over the road tempting me with it’s Fusion Sushi, Christmas Sandwiches and Percy Pigs.

My new job is in a more industrial setting and while there’s a cafe next door and a Tesco Express just up the road, I’ve been tending to make my lunch. Finding inspiration for lunches which I actually want to eat has always been difficult. I’m not a fan of packed lunches. Put a plate of sushi in front of me, or a full cooked dinner and I’ll scoff the lot. But a ham sandwich I can take or leave, depending on how hungry I am.

So, when I was looking for inspiration for a delcious dinner to cook and I stumbled across this in a British Heart Foundation cookbook I was sold.

Tomato (sliced)
Spring Onion (chopped)
Sweet Chilli Sauce
Cooked chicken pieces


1.) Spread a layer of Sweet Chilli Sauce onto one of the wraps
2.) Pile the ingredients along the centre of the wrap (enough so it’s tasty, not so much as it falls apart)
3.) Roll up the wrap and tuck in the ends then chop in half and place in your sandwich box ready to be consumed at about 1:30pm the following day

wrapQuick, easy and delicious. Although I haven’t broken down the costs of this as you can see from the list of ingredients it’s hardly going to break the bank.




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