Spend it Saturday: Bag Seeks Pretty Tea Dress

Ordinarily a new outfit brings about the need for new accessories. Not so in this case. In this instance it is the accessory which is screaming at me to get a new frock to accompany it, and I so want to listen.

Whilst clearing my nan’s house, we came across a number of vintage fashion pieces. Unfortunately an amazing lurex top was too big for me. And the hats? Alas (with my big head) were far too small. Then I stumbled across this gorgeous, gorgeous handbag. And, well, bags always fit don’t they?

I’ve no idea how old it is, or who it’s by (it was stuffed with newspaper dated 1980, but I dare that’s when my nan last used it, rather than when it was purchased). But I loved it. It’s robust, chic, elegant and timeless – tell me you couldn’t imagine Audrey Hepburn carrying this?

I have a Christening to attend next weekend and truly think this bag is crying out to be teemed with a pretty tea dress (plus sky-high platforms, so it’s not too twee) and worn to the church and disco afterwards. Whaddya reckon?

Have you stumbled across any fab vintage finds in relatives houses?



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