Feng Shui Friday: My New Job

Put bluntly, the first month of the Chinese New Year isn’t looking too rosy for me as a year-of-the-Monkey-type. I’ve taken heed of Lillian Too’s advice and purchased a Wu Lou which sits beside my bed attempting to ward off any potential lurgs. But I’m afraid I may have to ignore another piece of Lillian’s advice. Y’see apparently this isn’t a good time for the ‘business me’ and therefore, I should avoid making any important decisions or signing any contracts.


Does that mean I shouldn’t sign the contract for the new job I’ve scored?

Let’s look at this logically…

Feng Shui book… says no.

Logic says… this job is with a global company, yet it’s located a fifteen minute walk from my front door. I’ve met the team and they all seem lovely. It’s paying more than my previous role did (where I had line management responsibility and had to pay out a lot of money (and time) on commuting).

Sorry Lillian but common sense wins this one. I start on Tuesday – wish me luck!

P.S. I haven’t totally fallen out with Feng Shui. I did put a Happiness Buddha in my Career sector in the lounge the night before they called to say I’d got the job!


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