Thrifty Thursday: Savvy Circle – Olay Trial

Look at what arrived in the post the other day…

Olay Set
Yup, I’m one of the lucky 8,000 Savvy Circle members who get to road-test the new Olay Total Effects for Sensitive Skin.

How I did I blag this piece of beauty booty? Well, as a member of Super Savvy Me and Savvy Circle I get access to money-off coupons for beauty and household products, the opportunity to get my mitts on sample-sized products, and the option to take part in some exciting projects.

This is the first project which I’ve been picked for, but generally speaking it seems Savvy Circle are looking for certain demographic groups to try-out (and promote) new products. An email alerts you of the upcoming project and prompts you to fill out a short survey online to ensure you’re right for the project. Then, if you’re picked you are sent the product to test.

In the case of the Olay Project I received:

  • 1 x 30ml Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser (RRP £13.29)
  • Market research sheets to survey friends, family and colleagues
  • 10 x 7ml samples of Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser
  • Money-off coupons for Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser

The samples and money-off coupons are to give to friends, family and colleagues (presumably asking them to complete a market research sheet at the same time), so I can do a bit of word-of-mouth marketing, as well as getting others opinions on the products to feedback to Olay. Meanwhile the full-size product is all mine to trial and let Olay know what I really think.



The trial couldn’t have come at a better time. My ordinarily oily skin has become weather ravaged, complete with dry, scaly patches; red blotches and a generally dull appearance. Whilst it’s still too early to tell whether Olay Total Effects Sensitive Moisturiser is going to be the skin-saviour I’m looking for, my first opinions of the product are favourable. It has a nice creamy texture, which is light and absorbs easily. I have noticed I have to apply a fair amount of the product to ensure a full coverage of my face. At the moment I’m not sure if that’s down to the product, or the fact that my skin is so parched. I’ll update you on how I’m getting on.



If you want to sign up to Super Savvy Me and Savvy Circle for the chance to take part in future projects: visit


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