Feng Shui Friday: Why I’ve Purchase a Wu Lou

Wu Lou
With my interest in Feng Shui firmly ignited, I’ve been paying close attention to my Lillian Too ‘Fortune and Feng Shui Monkey’ book, to try to discover how I can make 2012 more auspicious for me.

Apparently I could be struck with illness during the first month of the Chinese New Year (not good) and so I should carry or wear a protective Wu Lou amulet to help to keep me safe.

Chinese New Year Birmingham
Ordinarily I would take this with a pinch of salt. However, since Feng Shui-ing our apartment – life has got a whole lot rosier. I’ve:

  • Enjoyed fantastic Chinese New Year celebrations in Birmingham with a very dear friend
  • Come up with some new ideas for the blog (watch this space)
  • Been selected to take part in a Savvy Circle trial for Olay (which means I get to try out a full-size product for them – more on that soon)
  • Won a Style Birmingham competition for a meal for two at an Italian restaurant
  • Received lots of web traffic and likes for my two blogs
  • Had a succesful interview (got through to second interview stage) for a job I really want
  • Amazed the people at my current temping workplace with my ability to make charts in Excel
  • Been shopping and found everything I needed to buy (mostly in the first shop I went into – that NEVER happens to me)
  • Enjoyed good relationships with family and friends
  • Cooked a scrumptious meal from scratch
  • Been for a run

It could all be coincidence. I could be reading too much into it. But hey. I’m a little but hippy dippy and that’s what makes me, well, me. So I’m carrying on.

That’s why, as part of my shopping trip to Birmingham last Saturday, I popped into a fantastic Chinese shop (on Pershore Street, near to the Arcadian Centre) and purchased myself this little Wu Lou. It was only £3.99 and sits alongside the Rose Quartz, which my late-Nan gave me, on my bedside table.

And, just so I don’t leave anything to chance. I’ve taken a Vitamin C fizzy drink and put some hand sanitiser in my bag. If the Feng Shui don’t do it – the practical stuff will.

Do you have anything you carry around for good luck/protection?


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