Thrifty Thursday: A Free Workout

Please tell me that none of you joined the gym in January? Or at least – if you did – that you are actually still going?

Gym Bunny

Don’t get me wrong, I used to be a regular gym bunny and if I was blessed with a never-ending supply of money, I probably still would be. But I’m not and therefore, I find more cost-effective ways of keeping myself slender, toned and, above all, healthy, which is why myself and Mr Love of my Life are back pounding the pavements.

Y’see running is pretty much free. OK you need a decent-ish pair of trainers and a sports bra. Yes, yes there is some lovely running gear in the sports stores, but unless you’re planning on running a marathon an old T-shirt and a pair of joggers should suffice. One thing I would suggest you invest in, if you’re going to be running in a built-up area in the dark, is some form of reflector so the car drivers can see you. Saying that, Mr Love of my Life was wearing a white T-shirt when we went for a run the other night and that didn’t stop a coach which was pulling up outside our local football club mounting the pavement and nearly taking him out. It was like something out of Footballer’s Wives I tell ya!

Footballer's Wives DVD

Anyway, once you’re suitably attired. Well that’s it really. Head out of your front door and start running. Don’t go too far, or too fast at first and use Map My Run to see what distance you’ve covered. You don’t even need a stopwatch. Just remember what time you leave home and then check the clock again on your return.

Then just enjoy the wind in your hair and the satisfying ‘day after’ ache which only a good work out delivers.

What’s your workout of choice?


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