Wedding Wednesday: Announcing Your Engagement

If you were lucky enough to score a Christmas/New Year engagement – then CONGRATULATIONS! Chances are you’ve been going around the houses telling everyone your good news and that everyone is absolutely delighted. How did you tell people? In the age of technology I’ve been told of people’s engagements by phone, text, email… I don’t think I’ve found out about any close friends impending marriages through Facebook or Twitter yet, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time.

We opted for the face-to-face option and we were so pleased we did. I wrote about my proposal story here, so you’ll know that Mr Love of my Life proposed on New Years Eve, but that we didn’t have a ring to show for it until a few weeks later. He then ‘officially’ asked me on a weekend break to Chester. We, therefore, decided not to tell any of our family or friends until we returned from that fateful Chester trip. My mom has since said that she could tell something was going on before then, as I was mooning around the house with a huge smile on my face.

We asked my mom, Mr Love of my Life’s Dad, sister and her boyfriend of the time to meet us in a country pub on the day we arrived back from Chester. I stashed my engagement ring in my pocket, so I could put it on at the crucial moment (so as not to ruin the surprise). Mr Love of my Life prepared a short speech. Lager Shandys, Lager Tops and Spritzers were ordered. Nev started on his speech and I seamlessly slipped the ring onto my finger and presented my diamond to our captivated audience. They were pleased. My now Sister-in-Law was also pleased that we were announcing that we were getting engaged and not that I was pregnant. She’s never one to mince her words, but we love her for it!

We used a similar technique to tell our friends. On a night out in town (yes, when we got engaged we actually still used to go clubbing. Not so much now!) we suggested going to a quiet pub for our first drink. Again, the ring was stashed safely in my pocket, so as not to give the game away. We announced it and there was lots of hugging. Our friends even clubbed together to buy us some champagne – which resulted in a slightly tiddly celebration.

I can’t remember how we told those further afield. I remember visiting a friend from Uni and telling her I had some news, whilst desperately trying to hide my engagement ring. But I think she’d second guessed anyhow.

With Valentines Day just around the corner, we could be looking at a whole host of sweet engagement stories. How did you/will you break your exciting news to your nearest and dearest?


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