Celebrating Valentines Day on a Budget

Incase you haven’t noticed the shops are filled with all things pink and sentimental. Oh, and it’s impossible to book a table at that fancy bistro in town.

Yep, Valentines Day is just around the corner – and boy is it commercial!

I can’t be the only one to have received a plethora of ‘if you buy this present, your (love) life will be better’ emails. And those gifts they’re trying to get us to buy..? They aint cheap.

I love Mr Love of my Life dearly, I do. But I’m not sure I’m going to dash to a department store and blow upwards of £40 on some aftershave. Nor do I think I’m going to invest in some Calvin Klein boxers. I also won’t be buying a bottom spanker, devil cuddly toy or fluffy handcuffs from a high street card shop.

OK, so I’ll go so far as getting my wonderful husband a card and writing something sweet and meaningful in it. I might even cook him a nice dinner, or go halves on a scrummy take out.

What I’m trying to say is… you don’t have to buy into the commerciality of Valentines Day. Love isn’t about buying each other gifts, just because some Marketing Executive says you should. Mr Love of my Life and I show our love for each other each and every day of the year – through nuggles, kisses, hugs, support and cups of tea – that’s love.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not totally against Valentine’s Day. I think if you’re at the start of a new relationship (or if there’s someone you’ve been admiring from afar) it’s a great to use the occasion as a catalyst for speeding up the sizzle.

And, if you do want to celebrate, but you don’t want to break the bank, why not…

  • Set a budget – Think a Secret Santa sized £5, or perhaps buy each other something silly from the poundshop, or something soppy and sentimental from a charity shop?
  • Get something for your love nest – If you live together why not pool your money together and get something you can both enjoy long past Valentines Day?
  • Eat in – Restaurants are expensive and packed on Valentines Day. Tuck into a take away, or a home cooked meal instead.
  • Write each other a love letter/poem.
  • Bake a cake together – extra points for having a flour fight.
  • Have an early night – wink, wink!
  • Take a bath together – wine and strawberries optional!
  • Watch a romantic film together – or if you’re always subjecting him to Romcoms, let him watch his favourite action movie.
  • Put on a chillout CD and massage each other – bliss.
  • Spend time gazing at the stars together – ten points to the first person to spot Orion.

Of course, if you are a man who does want to make a grand gesture. Nothing says it like flowers unexpectedly delivered to your partners workplace (unless you do that every year – in which case – it may time to think of something new).

What are you doing this Valentines Day and what is it costing you?


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