Happy New Year – Part Deux

2012 didn’t get off to the best of starts here at Budgeting Towers. Firstly, there was the fact that I was too lurged up to truly appreciate the new year’s eve celebrations. In fact, staying awake past midnight was somewhat of an achievement. Then just last week, we paid another visit to our beautiful wedding venue. Sadly this time it was for a funeral wake for one of our nearest and, most definitely, dearest.

Asian food
So with my love of all things Eastern. I’ve decided to adopt the Chinese New Year as my celebration of choice for ringing in 2012. Which is why this evening myself and Mr Love of my Life will be enjoying a feast of: Sweet Chilli Chicken Spring Rolls; Malaysian Laksa and Indonesian Crackers; followed by Gu After Dark Black Forest Gateaux – all washed down with some lovely Tiger beer – yum! We may also be burning incense to welcome in the God of Happiness (although we probably won’t be going to the lengths involved in this ritual), making resolutions and generally being excited about what 2012 has in store for us.

The good thing about celebrating the new year later (apart from being able to scoff delicious Asian food) is that blogs and websites are full of helpful info on how to maximise the whole ‘new year; new start’ shizz. My favourite post comes from the fabulous Gala Darling. In fact, I spent most of yesterday evening following her advice by culling my mailing list subscriptions, clearing out my handbag and ensuring our kitchen is well-stocked (albeit with food from Aldi).

Handbag crap

Not sure why I was carrying this crap around with me. Two tubes of handcream, two packs of paracetamol, two packs of Cystitis relief, a credit card I don't use anymore, some nose drops & a British Airways toothbrush?!

I loved that she suggested Feng Shui’ing our space. Feng Shui is something which I have always been fascinated by, and my trip to Singapore only increased this. Once we had got over our initial amazement at the view from our hotel room there, I was confused by the arrangement of furniture and the number of mirrors and their positioning – then it dawned on me – Feng Shui! I was so intrigued that I purchased a couple of books from the airport on our way back to Blighty. Gala’s guide to Feng Shui is so easy to follow. I’ve drawn up Baqua’s for all our rooms and whilst there are still some improvements to be made, I’ve made a start on the key areas. Spookily we seemed to have certain things in the right zone without even realising it. Although I’m not sure a Wii Balance Board hidden under the sofa as an embellishment of our health zone is really the point?!


Our 'Children and Creativity' area looks all set for 2012

Just to make extra sure, I’m combining Gala’s advice with that from Feng Shui expert, Lillian Too. It was Lillian’s book which I purchased at Changi airport and I have since subscribed to her informative emails. Her most recent Mandala tells me just how I should be celebrating Chinese New Year. OK, so I should have purged ALL of my magazines (but I’m down from around 30 to four!). Yes, the fridge should have been cleaned, but the fact that the rest of the apartment is nice and sparkly is a good start. Nothing in our apartment is broken at present, we have red cushions and candles at the ready to add the fire energy which is missing in 2012 (the year of the Water Dragon don’tcha know).

I’m not sure my temping assignment will buy the ‘not being able to open the front door for fear of letting the ‘Wicked Deity’ enter’ reason for not turning up to work however…

Monkey Feng Shui Book
Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

PS. Something spooky appears to be at work. When I went to the house of the nearest and dearest person who sadly passed away between Christmas and new year, my mom had found this book and left it on the sofa in case I was interested in it. Coincidence? Maybe. But I’m going to put it down to someone looking out for me.

Feng Shui book


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