Making Money Monday – How I’ve Afforded to Ditch the Day Job

I’ll warn you, this isn’t very feminist friendly. It’s not even very ‘independent women’ (although… ‘the shoes on my feet? I’ve bought it’*). As many of you will know I left my old ‘day job’ back in October 2011, as I was incredibly unhappy, and, well, life is too short to do something you hate day in, day out – particularly when you have to travel for an hour-and-a-half each way to do so. I should have stashed away lots of money to tide me over, whilst I looked for something new. That’s what you’re supposed to do. That’s what they say. You know those magazine articles/newspaper experts/ TV shows… I hadn’t done this. I had a bit of money stashed away, an optimistic and determined spirit, and an incredibly supportive husband.



I realise I am supremely fortunate. Mr Love of my Life could see that my old ‘day job’ was killing my spirit, and meaning he had to lend me a shoulder to cry on, on a far too frequent basis. With a combination of his salary and savings; and my Jobseekers Allowance and wages from temping, we’ve been able to muddle through. What should appease those ‘you should never rely on a man types’ out there is:

a.)     I would happily support Mr Love of my Life if the tables were turned

b.)     I am keeping a record of how much he is subbing me, so that when I am in ‘proper’ employment again I can repay him

Save money, spend his
It’s also worth noting that it’s not ‘business as usual’ at ‘Budgeting Towers’. We recognise that we need to prioritise the essentials over the frivolities. So, mortgage and bills are taking precedence over decorating our lovenest, going out, buying clothes and, well, anything else which is non-essential really. We’re looking to shop smart and spend less. I’ll blog about some of the ways we’re saving money in my Thrifty Thursday posts. I must admit I’m getting bored with not having any money now. Although whilst I’m desperate to gain a well-paid job again, I’m also hoping my newly found money-saving nous remains.

love you


And, until that day comes (hopefully soon), I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mr Love of my Life. Thank you for remaining true to our vows… for richer, or poorer. I owe you big time and will love you forever.**

*NB Beyonce, I love you honey – but what is going on with that lyric? I can’t decide if grammar or syntax are at fault, but either way, don’t get teaching Blue Ivy to construct her sentences in such ways.

**Apologies for the PDA. But I am sure you will agree it’s deserved in this instance.


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