Spend it Saturday: Tickets to John Bishop at the NIA

If what they say is true, comedy is the new rock & roll. I’m not sure about that. What I do know is sitting in an auditorium chuckling at a comedian, sure beats being squished into the armpit of some sweaty teenager in the standing area of a gig – and so what I’m craving today is some tickets to see the hilariously funny and perfectly toothed, John Bishop.

My first encounter with Mr Bishop was his appearance on Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow. The accent, the hair, those teeth, and the stories told with just the right amount of risqué and realism, had me spilling my cuppa as I chortled along. Charming, quite obviously an embarrassing dad to his kids and self-depreciating – I just loved his style of humour – which seems to continue whether he’s doing a stand-up gig, or being interviewed. Saying, that I’m not so keen on his BBC1 venture, John Bishop’s Britain – but only because Aunty Beeb seems to have Mr Bishop watching what he says so as not to offend. This is a comedian who strikes me is at his best when given a free rein.

This is why I am supremely tempted to get my mitts on some tickets for one of his Birmingham gigs…

John Bishop plays the NIA in Birmingham from 11th October – 13th October 2012, with other dates throughout the UK.


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