2011 New Year Resolutions – A Review

Back at the start of 2011, I made myself some of those obligatory New Year resolutions. Here, I take a look back at how I got on…

Resolution 1: Have FUN! 2010 was hard work. 2011 needs to put a big ‘hands in the air’ smile on my face

Bridesmaid bopper
Some of my happiest memories… the look on my bessie mates face when I unleashed the party games at her hen do in Manchester * spending the evening with said bessie friend the night before her wedding and being so excited and proud of her on the day * a blissful picnic at Kinver Edge complete with Frappucino’s from Starbies and the weekend papers *


Image credit: Stourbridge News

arriving at our wedding venue on the morning of our wedding to see everything looking perfect * the unseasonal 30 degree heat on our October wedding day * walking into the ceremony of our wedding and seeing my future husband * dancing the night away to the conga, Grease and several old skool dance choons at our wedding disco * my nan staying well into the evening do at our wedding * having a six-day-old baby at the evening do of our wedding * having breakfast with close friends and family the morning after our wedding * our wedding in general and all the lovely people who made it amazing * finding ‘the’ dress and the bridesmaid’s dresses

Lucky voice
* the moment myself and my nervous hens belted out our first song in the Lucky Voice booth in Brighton (those nerves soon disappeared)

* getting an amazing room upgrade on Honeymoon in Singapore * being in amazing Singapore in the first place

* getting upgraded to All Inclusive on Honeymoon in Langkawi * being in Langkawi in the first place * starting the year with a relaxing spa treatment * ditching the crappy day job * our unusual wedding rehearsal

Baggeridge Country Park
* a walk around Baggeridge Country Park on a hot day

Poppy field
* seeing the amazing poppy field on the way to Kidderminster * eating at Jamie’s on my hen weekend – chocolate brownies and dessert wine (yum!)

Macaroon from Paul
* macaroons at Paul in Marylebone * the “oldest gay in the village” guy from Pride in Brighton (same weekend as my hen) * showing Mr Love of my Life the sights in London *my nan overcoming some serious health issues.

I guess you could say that one deserves a big tick!

Resolution 2: Save, save, save – for the wedding and for life in general. I really want to make this the year where I STOP spending more than I earn. I’m getting there, but there’s still room for improvement.

Thanks to a little help from the ‘rents and Mr Love of my Life’s redundancy pay-out we managed to get hitched without debt. I think I can say I’ve got better, and the fact, that I’m not working at the moment has meant I have had to get better at money management – but I would still like to be in a more comfortable position financially. Good progress, but still work in progress.

Resolution 3: Start a daily beauty routine – well a girl has got to look her best on her wedding day

Erm, possibly another one where I have improved. But I could be better. At the moment my daily routine looks a bit like this…

Morning: Get out of bed (still half asleep), run a hairbrush through my lion’s mane, stumble into the shower. I wash and condition my hair every other day, when I don’t wash it I use dry shampoo. Then the washing commences – Neutrogena facial wash on the face and Soap & Glory on the body. Then a quick shave (of my legs and pitts). Jump out of the shower and brush my teeth (I should be mouthwashing too really – don’t tell my dentist). Back to the dressing table for toner, moisturiser, body lotion (most days), deodorant, perfume, make up, blow dry spray, blow dry the old hair, spritz of MorroccanOil Shine Spray. Done.

Evening: On a good day… Remove eye make up with eye-make-up-remover, remove rest of make up with a face wipe, wash face with a cloth and face wash, toner, night cream. Brush teeth (should be flossing and mouthwashing too). Occasional overnight hair mask. More often than not I only make it as far as the tooth brushing and face wipe – eek!

The very fact that I’m suffering quite badly with adult acne shows I could be doing more. I’d also like to be more frequently manicured and pedicured, and perhaps occasionally fake tanned.

Resolution 4: Practice yoga

I’ve done my yoga DVD about five times throughout the year?! That’s a bit pathetic isn’t it? It doesn’t help that I’ve misplaced one of my Yoga DVDs. Must do better. It’s stupid really because I feel much better when I do it.

Resolution 5: Develop my blog babeonabudgetuk so it’s super amazing

You tell me..!

What are your new year ressies for 2012? How did you get on with your 2011 ones?


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