Wedding Wednesday: Getting Engaged

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

So the festivities of Christmas are over, but there’s still the anticipation of New Years Eve. Sometimes a wet squib, sometimes a feast of fireworks for all the right reasons… and quite often a time when men take the plunge and ask the big question… “will you marry me?”

Holly Valance's proposal

Holly Valance being asked that life changing question in a fantastically romantic way. Photo credit:

Mr Love of my Life proposed to me on the first New Years Eve of our relationship. We booked ourself into a quaint B&B in the nearby, but very pretty, town of Bridgnorth and got glammed up. I donned my best Coast dress, and still managed to be called a ‘tart’ by a tramp as we were on our way to dinner. Being as my dress was over my knees, I think I would have had to have worn a full-on Nun’s habit to meet his conservative standards! Fortunately Mr Love of my Life appreciated my efforts.

Coincidently we ate at The Habit, a lovely restaurant where we had previously been for lunch. The food was sublime and they had really gone to an effort to make the venue feel festive.

Let’s go for a walk by the river…

Mr Love of my Life had said. I must admit I was slightly suspicious. But quickly dismissed my romantic ideals of him proposing (being Piscean I can over romanticise the most banal of situations, so have to be careful that I don’t disappoint myself by building things up to something which they’re clearly not).

Midnight had struck, we had scoffed the contents of the cheeseboard, the staff were starting to get drunk. It was time for us to leave. After all, there was a walk by the river and a bottle of Moet at the hotel awaiting us. We started to make our way to the river. Ordinarily I have to ask Mr Love of my Life to slow up a bit when I’m walking in heels, but now he was walking quite slowly… and looking quite nervous. He suddenly stopped. He had left his glasses at the restaurant. We trundled back to pick them up and again made our way down to the river.

We stopped on the bridge and made small talk about ‘duck island’. Then he asked me. It wasn’t the whole ‘down on one knee’ thing. I think his exact words were:

I’d really like it if we could get engaged

To which I said:

Engaged… to be married?

He agreed. I agreed. Then, with fireworks going off in the background I jumped up and down a lot, kissed him a lot and generally got excited.

Photos of Bridgnorth
He didn’t have a ring. We chose that together. I also bought him a watch. Somehow it seemed outdated that the man didn’t get anything out of the bargain (aside a fabulous Fiance obvs). We already had a weekend in Chester booked for February and decided that instead of just handing over the ring/watch with a “Here you go…” we would exchange whilst we were there.

The clock in Chester
I was full of cold and it was a freezing February day. On the evening we headed into Chester and to the infamous clock. This time he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. He had watery eyes. I was emulating Zebedee again. We had a delicious meal in an uber trendy Italian restaurant (although I was so snotted up I had to cover my mouth every time I took a mouthful of food as it was near impossible to eat with my mouth closed – romantic, eh?), followed by cocktails and more champagne.

And now here we are… preparing to celebrate our first New Years Eve as a married couple and I can honestly say I am as happy now as I was that fateful night on the bridge over the River Severn.

Blokes – here’s some top tips on asking one of the most life-changing questions of your life…

  • You don’t have to have a ring. Guys, if you don’t know her bra size, how do you expect to know her ring size? Plus, there’s something quite nice about choosing the ring together. And, it means she can get what she wants. If all goes well, she’ll be wearing that ring FOREVER – so it needs to be right!
  • You don’t have to spend a fortune on a ring. Check the expectations of your future wife, but for me, it was more about what the ring meant than what it cost.
  • Make it special. All her friends are going to ask how it happened, so give her a good story!
  • Do you need to ask her father? It may seem outdated but many girls would appreciate the gesture.

One for both of you…

  • Make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into. Some people seem to get engaged with no desire to get hitched. Others get hitched straight away and others take their time. Make sure you’re on the same page, to save engagement ring flinging later down the line. In the day of the independent woman, getting married is sometimes more of a joint decision than a grand romantic gesture and that’s fine.

And one for the girls…

  • It’s a leap year in 2012 – so if he doesn’t ask – you can!

Congratulations in advance to all those NYE engagements! Share your story by adding a comment below. Best one wins some choccies!


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