Spend it Saturday… What to wear on Christmas day

Dress – New Look; Feather Boa – No idea; Shoes – Barratts

I’ve always been a sucker for a good Christmas outfit. Yup, there have been some shockers in the past. The purple sequinned baby-doll dress which I accessorised with a black feather boa and platform sandals, to wear to a college Christmas party stands out as one of my less-subtle choices. As do the year(s) where I donned black knee-high boots, a black mini skirt, a red velvet basque edged with white fluff and a Santa hat to go clubbing. Even in my more subtle pub going moments I usually end up splurging on a sparkly jumper, or something equally festive, which can only be worn during the month of December without looking ridiculous.

In recent years my Christmas outfits have become somewhat less, er, hideous. And whilst there has been the occasional item purchased – for a night out with friends, or the office Christmas party – it has been the big day itself which has always left me asking ‘what the bayjaysus do I wear?’.

This year is no different. In an ideal world I would swan into our local shopping centre and pick myself up a twee snowflake covered sweater dress. Said dress would be of a suitable length to keep the rellies happy –  just above the knee. It would also provide just the right amount of comfort and warmth, whilst still looking festive, and as if I’ve made an effort. It would give me room to squeeze in ‘just another mince pie’ and would look amazing with my snuggly UGG boots.

Failing that I would select a kitsch Christmas jumper. Perhaps, featuring a snowman, santa, or a reindeer. I would wear this with my comfiest jeans (the ones that are a bit big for me, so allow space for that extra helping of trifle). People would laugh at my nod to irony and think it sweet that I looked so darn Christmassy.

Neither of these dream scenarios is going to happen. As a true Babe on a Budget, the last items of clothing I purchased were for our Honeymoon back in October. And since between now and then I have become jobless, there are no funds for frittering away on festive frivolities. C’mon when you’re trying to be thrifty: a dress is for the year; not just for Christmas.

This leaves me with my faithful wardrobe staples. Which my family will have seen me in a million times before.

I started looking through my wardrobe today and unearthed the outfits of Christmas past…


Dress – Top Shop; Jeans – Top Shop; Belt – Primark; Shoes – Dorothy Perkins

Tried to impress the (at the time) future-in-laws with my fashion-nous with this one. A sparkly Top Shop party dress, teamed with black skinnes and stillies. Spent most of Christmas day worried that one of my boobs was going to escape from the dress. The in-laws probably thought I was mental.


Top – Matalan; Jeans – Miss Selfridge

I think I was trying to channel Keira Knightley in Love Actually with this outfit choice. You might not be able to tell from this photo, but the top does actually have some (festive) sparkle to it. The jeans are my ‘fat jeans’ with space for those extra piggies-in-blankets. In hindsight, this top is NOT flattering with a full belly – not a problem Ms Knightley seems to have (sob).


Pretty dress and UGGs
Dress – Dorothy Perkins; Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins; Boots – UGG from Bank; Tights – House of Fraser; Bangle – Primark

This has been my favourite outfit to date. Comfy, yet fun and it seems as though I’ve made a bit of an effort, without looking as though I should be sat atop the Christmas tree. However, as it’s quite a bold print peeps are going to notice if I wear the same outfit two years in a row. Even if they don’t…I. Will. Know.

And, so we come to Christmas Present. I’ve figured that these are my options…

The Sweater Dresses

Black Sweater Dress
Dress – H&M
Striped Sweater Dress
Dress – French Connection

I like the idea of a sweater dress. No waistband means stuffing oneself with food and curling up on the sofa is still a possibility. However, my first (black) option isn’t very festive and short of putting a string of tinsel around my neck I’m not sure how I would make it so. My second option has the issue of stripes. Never a good combination with a bloated belly.

Comfort all the way

Pink Cardigan and jeans
Jeans – Miss Selfridge; T-shirt – Primark; Cardigan – Next

My ‘fat jeans’ and a comfy top make a good look for an afternoon of shopping, but well, for an occasion such as Christmas they just make me feel a bit old and as if I haven’t made an effort.

Could this be the outfit of 2011?

Yellow Cardigan, Jeans and UGG boots
Cardigan – Dorothy Perkins; Top – New Look; Jeans – Top Shop; Belt – Next; Boots – UGG at Bank

I wouldn’t call this an outright winner. My straight-leg jeans don’t offer the space for food that my ‘fat jeans’ do, but they go better with the top – which everyone will have seen before as I purchased it to wear on for my 30th birthday celebrations. But it’s a bit dressier than a white T-shirt at least. The yellow cardy made an appearance last year, but I think I can get away with it as I’m teaming it with other items. The UGGs? Well they’re a non-negotiable as far as I’m concerned.

Christmas Yet to Come…

But what I’m really resisting buying…

Dorothy Perkins Dress
Purple at Dorothy Perkins – Grey Heart Print Knitted Dress £29.00
Top Shop Cardigan
Top Shop – Knitted Fluffy Snowflake Cardigan, £38.00
Net-a-porter sweater

Net-a-Porter - Emma Cook - Crystal Snowflake Merino Wool Sweater, £320

Santa? If you’re reading this. Do your thang. Otherwise I guess I’m just going to have to set aside some funds in 2012 for next year’s Chrimbo outfit.

What will you be wearing on Christmas day?


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