Wedding Wednesday: Dream Venue Found, now to afford it…

With the dream venue found, it was now time to do some number crunching; in more ways than one!

Firstly, we sat down with the brochures from Blakelands and imagined our dream day. It would be in September (not sure why but myself and Love of my Life were both drawn to this month) and we would have approximately fifty day guests. Based on this we used the brochure prices to construct our own virtual quote. We stared at the calculator in disbelief… we couldn’t justify that much.

And, so, we started to compromise. Compromise on a wedding I hear you screech? Surely not? Well, actually, yes. Y’see the important thing with wedding planning is defining which areas are compromisable and which are ‘don’t go there’ areas. We’d fallen head-over-heels for Blakeland’s – there was no way we could (or would) compromise on the venue. So we looked to other areas.

Firstly, the month. By moving the wedding back (in effect by one day) to 1st October we could do away with minimum numbers, which meant we could also reduce the amount of people we would invite. This was difficult at first. There were people I wanted to invite ‘because they always invite us to their events’. But, in the case of rellies, this would mean we would have to invite their ‘counterpart’ from all sides of our families to keep it fair.

Our mission was somewhat simplified by Blakeland’s having a very intimate ceremony room, with only space for around thirty guests (extra guests can stand in the adjoining hallway to view the ceremony). This gave us the perfect excuse reason to trim our numbers down without looking incredibly rude. And so we got to the task of striking some names off our inflated guest list. I’m not going to pretend this was easy. There was the worry that we would offend. There were times, after the invites had been sent out, where I wondered if we would regret not having certain members of our family there for the ceremony (those who didn’t make the day do, did get an invite to our evening party – we weren’t that cruel). There was possibly one area of family who didn’t take too kindly to the numbers being limited for our day guests, but they still came along to the evening do, so I don’t think they were too offended.Wedding_day_weather
In the end the compromises worked out perfectly. We were able to afford our dream venue. The reduced number of guests for our ceremony and sit down dinner worked brilliantly, giving an air of intimacy to the proceedings. And, well, an unexpected heat wave in October meant we even had the option of being the venues first couple to get hitched outdoors..!

What compromises did you make so you could have your dream day? wedd


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