Thrifty Thursday: Use Those Samples

If you’re anything like me, you like getting your mitts on a good freebie.

Until recently my hoard of cosmetics and toiletries had been gathering dust in a basket in the corner of our en-suite. Or sitting in the top drawer of my dressing table, waiting to be used.*

I saved them either for a day when I ran out of one of their skyscraper siblings, or for when I was being whisked away for the weekend. Whether it’s that I’m too organised, or too paranoid that there won’t be enough shampoo in a sample sized sachet to last me an entire weekend I don’t know.  But they have resolutely remained on the sidelines.

Until last week… when I had a sort through and wondered why, with not enough money to experiment with the latest beauty buys on the high street (let alone luxe department stores), I wasn’t getting my kicks in miniature. And, so, whilst I still have a good requisite of full-sized shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and other goodies – I’ve taken to using their smaller counterparts. It’s saved me money and allowed me to try something different. Talk about win, win!

Here are some of the products I’ve tried as a result…

Dove – Deeply Nourishing, Nourishing Body Wash

Where I got it: A free sample from Dove’s Facebook page
How I’ve used it: In place of my beloved Soap & Glory, Clean on Me body wash. I got three days use out of this teeny bottle!
What I thought: Really lovely. It lathers up brilliantly and provides a refreshing clean, along with a boost of moisture. It smells really nice too.
Would I swap? Possibly not. But only because I love my Soap & Glory body wash so much. If Clean on Me was out of stock, it would be a good replacement.

Clarins – Everlasting Foundation

Where I got it: Not sure. I assume it was a free sample from a glossy mag
How I’ve used it: As I have awful skin at the moment, even a quick dash to Aldi requires a bit of slap. As foundation samples are a bit hit and miss in terms of skintone, I didn’t want to use this for something important (like an interview) but it was fine for a supermarket dash. It replaced my normal foundation, L’Oreal Infalliable.
What I thought: Heavy. My skin is quite dehydrated at the moment (darn you cold weather and central heating) and this foundation took a lot of blending. That said, once it’s on it gives good coverage. Again, it’s got a lovely light scent to it.
Would I swap? With my skin being so awful at the moment sometimes I could do with a little extra coverage but having to spend so much time blending would annoy me. So, no.  I’m guessing it’s also quite expensive; when it’s not a free sample size.

Bailey’s – Biscotti Flavour (OK it’s not cosmetics, but it was still a sample)

Where I got it: Bailey’s Facebook page
How I used it: I shared the bottle between myself and Mr Love of my Life as a post-Christmas-decos-put-up treat.
What I thought: Unusual. Really distinctive biscuitty taste, with that familiar Bailey’s silky smooth flavour.
Would I swap? You can’t beat classic Bailey’s, so this could never replace it’s bigger brother. However, it does make a very nice alternative.

As if someone knew about my love of samples, my Pantene samples arrived today too. Yay!

*I must point out that by calling it a dressing table I am making it sound much more than it is in reality. It’s actually a set of flat-pack drawers from B&Q which I have had since I was thirteen. Not glam. But so narrow they fit practically anywhere – handy in a new build apartment like ours.


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