Whatever happened to “Tweet what you Spend”?

Back in January I carried out an experiment on this here blog. I tried to shame myself into spending less, by tweeting every single time I took the Radley out of my bag to complete a retail transaction. Refresh your memory here, if you wish (I had to!).

The results were a little inconclusive. I spent less than I usually would, but couldn’t directly attribute this to the experiment. That said, it did make me conscious of every time I spent, which probably made me less frivolous. Plus, it showed me exactly what I was spending my (at the time) hard-earned money on (magazines mostly) .

As money is supremely tight at the moment (fortunately Mr Love of my Life is supporting me in terms of bills,but I don’t want to keep running to him for pocket-money) I thought it would be a good idea to resurrect this little experiment. Therefore, if you’re lucky enough to follow me on Twitter, expect my witty and good-humoured banter (a-hem) to be peppered with a few retail references. If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then set to it: my Twitter handle is @babeonabudget1.

Why not join in? #tweetwhatyouspend

PS – this is my 100th blog post. Thanks for being part of my first century!


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