Making Money Monday: Search for a job

Needless to say the small allowance which I receive in benefits isn’t going to sustain me for long. Neither is doing ominous amounts of housework likely to satiate the desire to use my brain. Then there’s also the fact that I want to buy stuff. Real, useless, pointless – stuff – which clutters the lounge and gathers dust.

So, and this was the plan all along, I need to find myself a new job.

First port of call is, er, looking for one. How you do this depends on what sector you work in, but here are my top tips for finding something…

  1. Local Newspapers – find out what day ‘job day’ is (usually a Thursday) and check your local newspaper. Gone are the days of pages and pages of jobs, so if you’re trying to be really frugal (and you pop along to a certain high street newsagent) you can probably get away with checking the ‘paper without buying it. Obviously make the purchase  if there’s a job you want to apply for. It’s also worth checking the local freebie papers, y’never know…
  2. Specialist Press – Practically every sector has its own trade publications and/or a dedicated day in some of the nationals. Alas, the Media Guardian is a (skinny) shadow of its former self, but it’s still worth a look. Again, if you’re cunning you only need buy the publication if there’s a job which interests you.
  3. The Web – The websites you’ll need to check will depend on the sector you work in. But generic sites like Totaljobs and Guardian Jobs, have a good selection across a variety of industries. Also make sure you regularly check the ‘careers’ page of any companies you’d like to work for. Bookmark the sites you find and check them at least once a week.
  4. Job Centre – Another one which depends on the industry you work in, but it’s worth having a mooch on the Job Centre website, or using one of their ‘job search poddy-things’ in the centre’s themselves. Unfortunately when I search for marketing within the West Midlands; I get telesales positions in London?! Hmm.
  5. Ask Around – Most companies have an internal ‘vacancies’ board and sometimes incentivise staff for recommending a friend. Ask your friends and family to keep their eyes peeled on your behalf.
  6. Do some window shopping – shops and some employment agencies advertise available positions in their windows.
  7. Register with agencies – I’m going to do a separate blog post on working with agencies. Cripes knows they deserve it. But yep, you’ll need your get your CV in front of the right people at the right agencies. Use Google (other search tools are available) to find which ones are appropriate for your area of work and location.

Look often, so you don’t miss out on that perfect opportunity. And, yes, if it makes you feel better, you can wear your lucky socks whilst you search. Good luck!

Are there any other places you look for jobs?


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