Thrifty Thursdays: A Walk in the Park

park_in_autumnThose of you who have been paying attention, will know I am out of work at present. This means dates with myself and my new hubby have to be of the cost-effective variety. But you know what they say… the best things in life are free, and it would seem whoever ‘they’ are, are quite right.

So on a chilly, but sunny November day, we donned our woolies, filled up our thermal mugs with coffee, and went for a stroll around our local park. We spent an hour wandering around the pond, feeding the ducks, reading the touching tributes left on the Remembrance Sunday poppies, and generally kicking through the autumn leaves.

Romantic? You betcha. A bit of quality time to talk, and I even resisted taking my digital camera with me to get some photos, much to Mr Love of my Life’s relief. Plus, it was completely free! Something we will definitely be doing more of in the future. Go on – go for a romantic stroll!


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