Wedding Wednesdays: Introducing Mrs Babe on a Budget

Those who know me in real life will be aware that congratulations are in order as I am the proud owner of a new moniker, not to mention a new husband.

Yep, on a very sunny 1st October 2011, myself and Mr Love of my Life said ‘I do’ in front of around thirty of our nearest and dearest. It was utterly, utterly, fabulous and there is NOTHING we would change about the day!

I’d always hoped to use the blog as an outlet for some of our wedding planning, along with lots of money saving tips. But I found this didn’t really happen for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because some of my ‘real-world’ friends read the blog I didn’t want to give everything away before the big day. If they’d seen what favours they were going to get, it would have rather detracted from the ‘on-the-day-wow-factor’.

Secondly, time. When you’re a bride-to-be, time is not something you have on your side, and so I just ran out of spare moments in the day to blog about the fantastic saving we made on ‘x’, or how we blew the budget on ‘y’.

However, now I’m a married lady, with oodles of time on my hands (when I’m not attending lots of job interviews) I’m looking to address that. From here-on-in. Wednesday will be renamed ‘Wedding Wednesday’ and with the power of hindsight I will be imparting on you the lessons I learnt from planning our perfect day. Enjoy! x


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