Temptations: The Bube

Something strange has happened to me since I got hitched to Mr Love of my Life. I seem to have fast-forwarded into middle age. I find myself exclaiming over the resulting softness of certain fabric conditioners. I get excited by the effectiveness of some cleaning products. Nine times out of ten I crave a cup of tea over a glass of wine. And, I’m really wanting Michael Buble’s Christmas album.

Ever since seeing the advert on TV I was captivated. You must understand,  I love a good Christmas CD. Something to play in the background whilst I’m wearing my Santa hat, supping Baileys and getting tangled in sticky tape wrapping those Christmas gifts. Therefore, the appeal is more for the fact that it’s a timeless Christmas album than it’s by the Bube. Well, at least I think it is anyway. What’s your 2011 Christmas soundtrack?


4 responses to “Temptations: The Bube

  1. Love the buble! He’s amazing! Got my glee Xmas Albulm on repeat too!

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