I am one of 2.62 million unemployed people in the UK

Well, if yesterday’s news is anything to go by then I’m a fool. The number of unemployed people has increased. As a result of the Eurozone crisis companies are reviewing their recruitment strategies and are being cautious in taking on new employees. British Gas are making 850 of its staff redundant.

Shockingly I willingly walked away from a secure, although unsuitable day job and now I find myself a government statistic. Am I mad? Maybe. Either way, it seems a relevant opportunity to talk about how life has changed since giving up the regular pay cheque.

The first thing I should point out is that I don’t want to be (or see myself being) out of work for long. Whilst we’ve been able to raid our savings to cover the mortgage and other day-to-day expenses this month, that isn’t going to be sustainable for long.

We’ve also cut back on anything which is non-essential. Nights out have become evenings in with cheap food and good friends. We’re longing for a take out but it’s a treat which will be so worth the wait once we’re a two income household again. The only thing I’m venturing to the shops for are Christmas gifts and I’m doing my best to keep my blinkers in place so I don’t notice the other items which the stores are trying to make me feel inadequate for not buying. It’s amazing how much you can cut back when you need to. Even though you thought you were originally! Chilly evenings are spent snuggled under the duvet to save the heating bill.

I’m splitting my time between job searching, blogging and trying to be a domestic goddess. Focus on the ‘trying’ – the job searching comes slightly more naturally to me. I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been made redundant twice before but at the moment I don’t feel too worried. It’s funny how even the negative experiences in life are the ones you draw on and actually make you more resilient.


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