Holland and Barrett Loyalty Card

I know I should probably stop whittering on about it, but as you know I’ve not been very well of late. With me, illness is generally always preceded by a vow to be supremely healthy in a bid to rid myself of all future bugs, lurgs and germs. An integral part of this involves trotting along to Holland & Barrett to pick up some supplements which I invariably start taking for a few months and before   forgetting about them and leaving them to expire on a shelf somewhere.

My recent sojourn to Holland & Barrett saw me picking up some Cranberry capsules, which will apparently keep my waterworks in good repair. But while I was there I also got me a Holland & Barrett loyalty card. Now I don’t spend oodles in H&B. The occasional Acai juice, some supplements every quarter and maybe one of those flapjacks (which surely have no health benefits and don’t truly belong in health food shop) once a year. But never one to turn down a loyalty card I signed up. Cardholders receive:

  • Four points per £1 they spend at Holland & Barrett
  • A 50p reward coupon for every 50 points collected (sent within reward statements)
  • 150 points when the card is activated
  • Access to extra discounts and exclusive offers and news by email

The idea of getting 150 points just from activating was enough to hook me in. Even if I don’t rack up the points, £1.50 has got to be enough to get me one of those flapjacks, right?

Click here to visit Holland & Barrett’s website to find out more.


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