Am I a Housewife?


There's nothing like a good kitchen clear out

When I gave up my job before the wedding, the intention was always to get back into work ASAP after returning from the honeymoon. However, due to jetlag and general lurgy this hasn’t been possible and so I find myself in a strange place. How do I classify myself on forms? Am I ‘unemployed’? Or, at the risk of sounding terribly 1950s, am I housewife?

Either way, now I’m feeling much brighter the job search will be resumed shortly. I really feel as though I should crack on with it pronto, but perhaps I’m more of a hausfrau than I give myself credit for, as firstly I wanted to clean and tidy our apartment. Procrastination? Maybe. But ditching the day job was about more than just switching from one nine-to-five to another. It was also a chance for me to revisit those things which make me happy and which, ultimately I wasn’t having chance to do. By having my home in order it gives me an opportunity to do just that, as well as giving me that nice calm, smug feeling of knowing where everything is.

Either that, or I’ve got OCD…?


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