What would Beyonce do?

I know, I know, there’s an abundance of musical references taking over my blog at present. Bear with me, this is for three (very good) reasons…

  1. I’ve cleaned the wax out of my ears and can enjoy music better ;o)
  2. My shoulders aren’t hunched up to my ears and my brain is having a break from constantly internalizing what’s next on my to do list, allowing me some brain space to appreciate my music collection again
  3. The music industry offers up a plethora of positive (and a few not so positive) role models, which leads me nicely onto my current musical obsession… the goddess that is Beyonce

Yes, me and half of the British isles, I know. Her current album, ‘4’, is amazing and her Glastonbury performance, which so shouldn’t have worked, blew everyone away. She’s certainly dish du jour. And do you know why I think we all love her so much? Because she works bloody hard for it, observe:

  1. She’s got a real woman’s body which she keeps in check with punishing training and gruelling dance routines. Sexy curves instead of stick-thin popstrels who swear they ‘eat what they want’ – positive.
  2. She doesn’t sing her songs – she belts them out with enough passion to make your hair stand on end. Again, something which only comes with hard work and determination. Wow!
  3. She doesn’t forsake singing in place of gyrating across the stage – she does both – to the max. There’s no shortcuts to this kind of stamina and talent – yep, more hard work from Ms Knowles. Amazing!

The thing which I love about her so much is that you can never imagine her not doing something because she’s not sure she’d be good at it. She lives her life with such spirit. That self-doubt which most of us suffer is pushed aside to make sure she gets 150% out of life. That’s not to say that she’s super-human, I dare say she still has days when she wakes up and thinks ‘can I really do this’, but the fact is she does. She works hard until she nails it and then stuns us with the results. I don’t know if it’s her upbringing, her faith in God or if she is in fact Superwoman in disguise. All I know is, when I’m having a crisis of confidence I’m going to ask myself… ‘What would Beyonce do?’ and I’m expecting life to become a lot more interesting as a result.


One response to “What would Beyonce do?

  1. She does exude a certain self confidence but i’m afraid im not really a fan of singers who go on stage in what looks like underwear. I am much more a fan of Adele – she lets her voice do the talking and doesn’t use sex to sell records. A true role model!

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