The art of reinvention

OK, just because I said I’m ‘doing a GaGa’ doesn’t mean I’m going to be tying soft-drink cans into my hair and wearing leotards anytime soon.

Alas, as I have the singing voice of a dying swan and no desire to be a ‘Top 40’ performing artist, my reinvention will be rather more low-key and will take into account the areas most relevant to my life…

  1. Health & Beauty
    My health has suffered a lot over the past few years due to my (unnecessarily) stressful workplace. But I’m not so naive as to believe that ditching the day job is going to result in a perfect bill of health. So I will also be looking at devoting time to exercise, pampering and eating well.
  2. Wealth
    Whilst I’m optimistic I’ll have a new job come October, so my finances shouldn’t suffer too badly. In the meantime my pseudonym of ‘Babe on a Budget’ has never been truer. In any case having some money behind me isn’t going to hurt and will provide me with a crash-mat should I ever find myself in job hell again (please, no!)
  3. Wedding
    Not so much a reinvention, as we’ve already planned what we want. But it couldn’t be missed off this list, given the amount of time we will be devoting to it in the coming weeks. With my new perspective I’m looking to have fun along the planning process, not just be frantically ticking tasks off a list.
  4. Career
    Possibly the most important area of my focus (along with the wedding). Obviously I need to find a new marketing role, but I have other unfulfilled ambitions too. The desire to write, some courses I want to do, and, most of all, I want to get really excited about what I’m working towards.
  5. Chores
    BORING! I know, but unfortunately I don’t have a housekeeper to prepare ‘a light lunch of sea bass’ when friends pop over unannounced ala Made in Chelsea, and so, adult life dictates the lovenest needs to be cleaned and the cupboards stocked. Indeed I’m hoping by ‘working smarter’ (I hate that phrase – it’s what bosses say when they really mean ‘work harder’ – but in this case it seems oddly appropriate?!) I won’t have to spend so much time in Marigolds!
  6. Hobbies
    Making time for the things that really make me tick will keep me smiling: date nights with Love of my Life, entertaining, cooking, baking, visiting museums – ohhh I get excited just thinking about the things I could be doing.

And, so I guess, the remit of this blog widens to become… the reinvention of a Babe on a Budget.


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