Trashy TV & the death of feminism

OK, OK, now I know this post is a little off topic for me. But bear with me, I haven’t done a great deal over the past couple of days expect lay on the sofa, sleep and dribble. I know, I am painting an attractive picture of myself, truly.

The only interesting part of my life over the past few days has been the amount of trashy TV I have consumed. I was interested to discover that This Morning is actually the TV equivalent of flicking through the Argos catalogue. Then I stumbled upon a real no-brainer TV show called ‘Plain Jane’. Ahhh, a makeover show I thought, this will do. And so I settled down in my Winnie the Pooh PJs and cringed the whole way through.

In this US show an over-enthusiastic Brit female TV presenter takes said ‘Plain Jane’ and vamps her up ready for a hot date. In principle – ah how nice, giving that poor girl a confidence boost so she can tell the guy she’s had a crush on for six years how she really feels. In reality?! Yeuch! Another show trying to turn intelligent women into ‘Fembots’. Out go the ‘librarian’ clothes in place of a standard issue tits and ass dress. Whilst being set a challenge to chat up potential eligible bachelors in the park (whilst dog walking) she sidles over to man and mid-conversation asks what he does for a living and whether he enjoys it. “Cut the work talk” demands the feisty, fruity TV presenter. Before instructing her to approach another man with the ditsy line of ‘My dog is cuter than yours.’. Excuse me are we trying to give this girl more confidence or a lobotomy?!

Granted the ‘reveal’ of this particular Plain Jane was stunning and does show what a good bit of hairdressing and a sheen of make up can do. Interestingly on her date, the guy revealed that he had actually also had a crush on her for the past six years too. Yes, that’s right, even when she was wearing her librarian clothes and woe-betide those plaid shirts. And that’s because men actually quite like women who stand out from the crowd and can hold intelligent conversations.

I’m all for empowering women, but a skimpy frock, a pair of heels and a slick of lip gloss; does not girl power make!


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