What Babe Did Next


Thursday nights ain't what they used to be

I want to be able to regale you with tales of how I celebrated my new-found freedom with a magnum of champagne,  coupled with dancing ’til dawn. But with the exception of, what can only be described as, ‘a bit of a bop’ to an old Gods Kitchen CD whilst cooking tea, there have been no celebrations as yet.

This is partly because:

a.) Whilst I can see the exit sign, the end is a long way off yet – I’ve still got 81 working days to go at my current ‘day job’. Not that I’m counting, you understand.

b.) Whilst this is all terribly exciting; it’s also shit scary. On the one hand the fact that Love of my Life and I are investing in such a lovely, homely property makes me all the more determined to succeed. On the other hand it makes a voice in my head go ‘Eeeek! What about the rather large mortgage’.

And, so, because of reason b, I have spent the evening with a sobering pint of squash, a trusty spreadsheet and a lovely big calculator with the most amazing clickety buttons (I know, I need to get out more). Yes, it’s been time to do some number crunching and look where that skinny waist belt can be tightened a bit…

Spending cuts

Redundancy cover – considering amending to only cover Love of my Life, or cancelling completely

Electricity, gas, water, groceries – unfortunately I need to cook/wash/eat – but for the next few months I’ll need to try to do this a bit more economically

Contact Lens subscription – a possible luxury I could do without, if needs be

Train Fare – if I’m not commuting to the day job on a regular basis, this would be one less expense

Spending money/saving – wouldn’t happen – essentials only (eek!)

Fees for financial products – these are ordinarily offset by cash back offers, but if I’m not spending I won’t be earning cash back so another possible way of making my money stretch a weeny bit further

Lovefilm subscription – a luxury I can do without, we’ll just have to watch all the box-sets we’ve been given as Christmas presents over the years.

All-in-all I reckon these cost-saving measures could save us approximately (big calculator with clicky buttons time)… £3821.76 per annum, over two-and-a-half times my monthly take home, which leads me to wonder… how much does working cost…?!


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