Money Making Monday: Looking for a new job

In some respects I’ve been quite fortunate with the ‘day job’, in that I’m one of the few people during these ‘credit crunch’ times who has been lucky enough to receive a pay rise.

I say ‘lucky’. I work blooming hard, so it’s justified that I should receive a boost in my monthly take home. Plus, the company I work for has been doing immensely well so there’s no reason for them not to share their prosperity.

Saying this, incremental cost of living pay rises aren’t going to make me a rich lady anytime soon and so the only way to get my mitts on some substantial extra moolah is to either take on extra work (er, when exactly?!), or look for a new ‘day job’.

This might not seem as extreme as it first sounds. I’ve been at my current place of work for four years now, which in the heady world of marketing means my managers are probably expecting me to jump ship soon anyway. I started in my current position as maternity cover for a colleague, within that time she has been on maternity leave twice and my position has been made permanent. But it’s not been an easy ride, the company has a fast staff turn over meaning constant flux. At one point, just myself and one other member of the team were left managing an ever-increasing workload, stress!

The daily commute takes an hour-and-a-half each way (door-to-door) which starts to take its toll. Or, at least, wouldn’t be so bad if I enjoyed what I do once I get there a little bit more. Frequently my job feels like I’m an Admin Assistant as opposed to a marketer, and, well, I did my Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualification for a reason and it’s frustrating not to be using it.

I also wonder if getting hitched gives people career itchy feet as I know numerous people who have switched jobs just before they’ve said ‘I do’. I’m not sure if it’s the whole ‘new beginnings’ thing, or if it’s to just avoid having to invite colleagues to the wedding? Or is that just me…ha, ha!

Needless to say a pay-rise isn’t the only reason to look elsewhere…


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