A wedding fit for a princess

Apparently the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge had an under-stated wedding by Royal standards, as they are not heir-apparent. No doubt the royal nuptials were more understated elegance, than blinging. But nevertheless a day of such indulgence would be out of the question for most of us minions.

I asked what people would have at their wedding if money were no object, and no, David and Victoria Beckham on the guestlist didn’t figure.

In fact, celebrities of a totally different ilk seem to top the list. I would personally go for Peter Kay as Master of Ceremonies, you’d be sure of lots of genuine smiles for the photographer, and loads of laughs when garlic bread turns up on the buffet later. Another friend would opt for the equally chucklesome Dara O’Briain.

A swimming pool, fireworks…?

But what was really lovely was that a few friends wanted things which money cannot buy. Relatives who have sadly passed away to be able to attend. In fact, one already married friend admitted she wouldn’t change a thing.

Kate and Wills were expected to put on a bit of a show, but splashing the cash isn’t a requirement on your big day. After all it’s all about love, and money can’t buy that…aww!


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