Royal Wedding Inspiration

When Charles wed Diana back in the eighties, brides-to-be clamoured to emulate the Royal Wedding style. Question is what can us noughties nearly-weds take away from our generations fairy tale wedding?

Beauty on a budget
If the rumours are true Kate applied her own make up on the morning of the wedding. Granted, with a complexion like hers, if she went bare-faced we’d still all coo in admiration. Apparently the royal bride-to-be received lessons in applying her slap from top make up artist, Arabella Preston. I can’t imagine the make up lessons were cheap and personally I don’t trust myself with a mascara wand on the morning of my wedding. But if you’re already adept at blending foundation, then getting some advice from a make-up counter in one of the high street department stores could give you enough confidence to make like Kate for your big day. Saving face…and some money! After all the Duchess looked stunning.

Stay with your nearest and dearest on your last night of freedom
Kate spent the night at the ultra-swish Goring with her mother and sister the eve before she said ‘I do’. William joined Harry, Charles and Camilla at Clarence House for his last ‘single man’ supper. It doesn’t need to be grand. A plate of pasta and a stack of DVDs would do the trick. It’s the ‘being together’ which will really matter to you and your family. Electing your family to be attendants at the wedding (as William and Kate have done) is also a lovely touch – but only do this if you get along with your siblings (you don’t want any tension to ruin your big day).

Keep your dress a secret
A tunnel from your front door to your waiting wedding car to shield you from the paps is probably taking it a step too far, but try to ensure only those who need to see your dress before the big day do to ensure ultimate ‘wow-factor’ when you walk down the aisle.

Have a Schedule
Kate and Wills had a detailed programme of events for their day, so everyone knew where they needed to be and when. It’s unlikely you’ll need to be as precise as leaving for the ceremony at 10.51am, but having a timetable prevents that feeling of wedding boredom which guests can feel when they don’t know where they should be.

Own it
Make like Burger King and ‘have it your way’. Who would have thought tress in the Abbey would have worked, but they looked fabulous in a whimsical fairy tale kind of way. Also choose readings, hymns and music which mean something to you. Don’t worry what others say, if it’s your dream and in your budget… go for it. It’s your day.

Keep the flowers simple
With the exception of the trees, Kate carried a simple bouquet of ‘English country garden’ style flowers. Rumour has it they comprised Myrtle, Ivy, Sweet William (aww), Lily of the Valley and Hyacinth. The beautiful simplicity of the white blooms could be replicated with more cost-effective flower choices by most florists. Simple; yet stunning.

Kiss Appropriately
Kate and Wills balcony smooch might not have been the epitome of passion, but it was appropriate to the occasion and certainly wouldn’t embarrass the in-laws. Start practicing your ‘church tongue’ now!

Here’s to all those 2011 weddings!


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