What are you doing for the royal wedding?

You’ve probably been asked this question umpteen times over the past twenty-four hours and woe betide you if you’re not attending a street party, having a BBQ, or celebrating the royal nuptials in some other glorious way.

Not since Millennium Eve have people felt the need to have such a detailed masterplan in place for a single day. Everybody wants a story to tell the grandchildren detailing exactly where they were when Wills and Kate got hitched. Even if that story does involve Aunty Emma disgracing herself in the gazebo after too much Pimms at the family garden party.

I haven’t really got anything planned.

I said this to one of my colleagues at work and got a look somewhere between flabbergasted and disgusted. Don’t get me wrong I think the wedding is lovely, but only in the same way that anyone elses wedding is. I’m also not adverse to a bit of a knees up (and certainly partial to a bit of Pimms). But equally I think I’ll be quite comfortable watching the lovebirds exchange vows whilst in my PJs, on the sofa, stuffing my face with the remainder of my Easter chocolate.

A good excuse for a get together? Yes! A chance to unite the country? Really?!  An excuse to buy novelty cupcakes and decorative paper plates more like.

It’s enough to give you the red, white and blues and the (peer) pressure which Royal Wedding afficianados are putting on everyone else just isn’t fair. Nor is it exclusive to regal occasions. Oh no. There seems to be an unwritten rule dictating that any bank holiday should be spent having a family get together, a drunken bender or at the very least doing a spot of DIY.

Tell someone that you have no plans for a bank holiday weekend and you can expect a disappointed look of ‘what a waste’. When in reality…

A. Sometimes it’s OK to do nothing if that’s what you want to do


B. We don’t all have sufficient funds to be planning extravagant bank holiday events.

Yes, I’d love to host a royal wedding event complete with Union Jack bunting, Pimms, and jelly and ice cream, but in reality I would rather save my cash and spend it on something which actually means something to me, like love of my life’s birthday later this month.

So, if like me, you’re not really doing anything special for the Royal Wedding, let’s be proud about our decision and save our money for something worth celebrating!


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