Lead me not into temptation

It has to be said, us homo sapiens are all fatally flawed. Whether it’s eating too much chocolate, spending too much on Prada, smoking, drowning our sorrows in a barrel of beer, or dabbling in drugs. There’s always something we lean on to mask our unhappiness or insecurity…and most (if not all) aren’t good for us.

My crutch is spending too much and that’s why, despite picking up almost £30 extra per month thanks to an unexpected pay rise, I’m still left with being unable to save anything towards the wedding this month.

OK, so I’ve got some investment pieces over the past month, a new suit and some amazing platforms. Then there was my best friends wedding, so gifts, drinks and beauty treatments accounted for some more money well spent. The rest?! OK so it was possibly frittered away on unnecessary Starbucks and glossy mags!

Thing is, I can’t carry on this way. Not just because of saving for the wedding but because a lot of my spending is ’emotional’ (think: if you buy this record your life will be better) and it’s not healthy. Which is why this month, I am going to try to be as frugal as possible.

Starting this morning… Well you can’t crave coffee (even expensive and scrumptious Starbucks lattes) when you’ve already indulged in your morning caffeine fix. God love the traveller mug!



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