What will pay day bring?

I’m back to work today for three days, following four blissful days off for Easter.

We were blessed with wonderful weather so managed a walk around Baggeridge Country Park on Friday, when Love of my Life got an unexpected day off work. The only cost to us..? Why, the obligatory ice cream, of course.

Saturday saw me turn domestic goddess as I devoted some serious elbow grease to making the apartment spick and span. I further indulged my Nigella tendencies. Not by constantly appearing breathlessly excited after completing each task, but by spending far too much on provisions in Waitrose in preparation for…

Sunday, when we entertained some rellies who we haven’t seen for yonks. Domestic goddess duties resumed, I dished up a tasty lasagne with all the trimmings.

Retail therapy was the expected order of the day on Monday as we went to look at wedding bands at Merry Hill, but deciding we could probably get a better deal at Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter, we purchased only ingredients for dinner and, er, dental floss.

The thought of going back to the day job doesn’t fill me with joy, especially as I know a lot of people have taken advantage of the ‘three days annual leave = 11 days off’ (I didn’t have enough holiday with the forthcoming nuptials and honeymoon otherwise I probably would of joined them!).

On the plus side…

it’s a three day week as opposed to a five day one, and at the end of it I get a further four days off.

With the majority of staff taking holiday, surely there won’t be any dramas and this will be a good time to catch up on BAU…right?!

Today, is pay day. Very much needed, and, as I’ve received an unexpected pay rise I’m looking forward to seeing how much I pick up. That said, the last time I received a pay rise by the time I’d deducted tax, National Insurance, my pension contributions and my student loan repayments, my take home was actually less than what it was pre-pay rise! Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again!



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