Somethings gotta give


Some much needed downtime featuring coffee, PJs and George Michael Live at Wembley DVD. Apologies to the neighbours for singing along so badly.

I realise I’ve been noticeably absent from the world of blogging of late. Unfortunately betwixt the busy world of organising and attending hen nights for my best friend’s wedding, organising my own forthcoming nuptials, coping with a ridiculous workload at the ‘day job’ and enduring copious amounts of time at my second home…the dentists. Well, something had to give, and it was this blog.

Needless to say rushing around like a headless chick hasn’t left my finances in the greatest of states either and I found myself unable to save anything towards the wedding from my last pay packet. Oops!

Realising I must mend my ways, here I am back on the blog and, literally, counting the pennies.

Off to indulge in a camomile, vanilla and honey tea before bed – but expect more money-saving marvels soon! Night!


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