A Whole New Section…

The beady-eyed amongst you may have noticed a whole new page has appeared at the top of this blog. For the rest of you, may I request you to avert your eyes (temporarily) to the top of this page, where you will see a new section entitled ‘Temptations’ glinting enticing at you.

Y’see I reckon as I keep wittering on about coffee and cake, some of you might think I don’t have those normal overwhelming female instincts to purchase clothes, shoes and handbags and therefore, perhaps, without these urges I find budgeting a cinch. Wrong! Others might think I splurge whenever I want on whatever I want. Also wrong. So I wanted to show you I do resist…sometimes. Just not always when I walk past Starbucks.

Go on check out the new page and you’ll see the gorgeous new M&S shoes which I’ve currently got my eyes on.


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