Tweet what you spend – the results


Must stop buying cake

If you’ve been paying attention you’ll know that January saw me tweeting every time I parted with some of my hard-earned cash, but did it work? Hard to tell. I didn’t overspend as much last month which is a good sign and looking back on my tweets has proven a great way of seeing where my money is actually going.

The majority of my money went on ‘gifts and events’ throughout January. That is, paying out for accommodation, transport and random pink things for my best friends hen do next month, as well as buying birthday gifts and attending a maternity lunch. All worthwhile investments I’m sure you’ll agree?

I also spent a few pounds on eating out, £55.58 to be exact. To be fair in my ‘blow the budget’ days that could have gone on one meal, whereas now it’s split across several lunches and take outs. It has, however, highlighted to me that I need to be better at taking my lunch to work with me as those M&S lunches and Boots Meal Deals soon add up.

Keeping myself topped up with caffeine and cake has also seen me digging out the Radley on a regular basis. With around £20 spent on this over the past month. Not bad?! If I spent that each month, over the course of a year it would add up to £240 which is a lot to spend on a drink I can make in my own kitchen.

Another of my addictions appears to be glossy reading matter as £13.69 was spent on magazines and newspapers to keep me occupied on my daily commute. Maybe I should start picking up a free copy of the Metro each morning?

With a further £30 being spent on beauty products – about average, eh girls? There was also £3.95 spent on snacks.

Overall I think I’ve done pretty well, but I can’t help but feel that if I was more prepared and less prone to emotional spending I could be saving more and spending money on clothes, furniture and other things which have more longevity than the food and frivolities which I’m currently splashing my cash on.


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