Slow Progress


Almost on budget...? Smashing!

Yesterday marked the first payday of 2011, so when I got back to the sanctity of home, I dusted off my trusty calculator and picked up the good old laptop to investigate my budget.

The good news? I only went £33.79 overspent ‘last month’. A step in the right direction, although ideally I wouldn’t be going overspent at all, so a baby step, maybe? Of course, there is that old excuse that it’s been aaaaages since the last payday due to that Chrimble thing – if that counts for anything?!

Of course, because I’ve only overspent by a smidge that does mean I’ve got more money to spend and (more importantly) save this month. Woo hoo! Bring it on! Venga Venga! Etc… A-hem!


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