After much musing over the past few days I’ve come to the following conclusions…

I don’t want to be ‘queen in her counting house’ rich, I’d just like enough money so I have more freedom.

And… there are four main ways I’m going to achieve that comfort blanket of £20 notes…

1.) Win the lottery/Premium Bonds (not going to happen is it?!)

2.) Earn more – this could be by taking on a higher paid job, extra work, or even selling things.

3.) Spend less – which is what I’ve mostly been focusing on so far.

4.) Save more/invest more wisely

It’s a bit like the old weight loss adage. You can go on as many fad diets as you want but if you really want to lose weight the secret is to eat less and move more. The only difference is that I’m hoping that by sticking to these four financial mantras I can give my bank balance a hefty muffin top.


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