One Nest Egg Required

Aside from saving for the wedding, honeymoon and other life changing events, I really want to be stashing some cash away for a rainy day.

Yesterday was one such day where that inclement weather fund would have come in useful. After a stressful day at work filled with people queuing at my desk to speak to me (I fear I may have to start a ticketing system like the Sainsbury’s deli counter), arrogant people thinking they know better than me being exceedingly rude and a general lack of support from management I was almost ready to walk out.

An overreaction? One of those days you say..? Unfortunately not. It’s been like this for sometime. Yesterday was just the ugly straw which broke my camels back (why does that sound rude?!). I was up until 1am last night in floods of tears, wanting to apply for other jobs but feeling undeserving of them as my current day job belittles me and makes me feel incapable. Love of my life sat with me and hugged me while I sobbed. But he was angry too. This wasn’t the first time my rotten day job had reduced me to tears. And we both knew it wouldn’t be the last.

There’s a real strong urge in me to hand my notice in. I know that if I did,in one respect, I’d feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders, but on the other hand with no guarantee of scoring a job straight after my notice period, just the need for money to feed and clothe myself, let alone pay the mortgage means the heavy dumbbells of fear and anxiety would be resting upon my shoulders once again.

Y’see if I had a nest egg I could live off that for the short-term whilst I look for something which, granted, might not make my heart sing, but hopefully wouldn’t make it ache as much as it does at the moment.


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