Bride on a Budget

How rude. Here’s me keep whittering on about my forthcoming nuptials and I haven’t even revealed any information about the big day itself. One really must address such matters.

Well, whilst we’re saying ‘I do’ in the same year as the Prince and Miss Middleton our event will be much more low-key and then some. We’re looking at an intimate affair with approximately 30 day guests and up to 7o-ish in the evening. Even based on those small numbers it looks as though we’ll need a fair amount of wonga. Yes, we’ve drawn up a wedding budget planner (and, yes, it’s in Excel). We’ve tried to account for every little detail of the wedding. Some of our amounts are guesstimates, others are based on actual quotes we’ve received from our suppliers. And, well, the saving is going OK but we’re still a long way away from our ultimate goal. Being the goody-two-shoes that we are we’re keeping track of how much we’ve spent so far on deposits Vs the balance we have left to pay and how that compares against what we were expecting. We’re hoping to get some assistance for the big day, but in no way are we expecting it and whilst there will be some areas where we’ll splash out; there’s going to have to be other areas where we’re more budget savvy.

It’s a really fine line between keeping an eye on the pennies and having the day of your dreams. There’s a great website which provides loads of tips on how to get hitched on a budget. There’s some fabulous advice, although it depends on what your dream wedding involves, if you’re more church or registry office followed by a knees up in a marquee in your parents garden or the local gastro pub you’ll be in luck. But none of those options really work for us unfortunately. Hence why we’re currently looking at circa £16k for our wedding and honeymoon, as opposed to £6k.

Hmmm, you’re still none the wiser on details of the big day are you? I’ll tell more soon!


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