Something Beautiful

This weekend I kickstarted resolution number two, to start a beauty regime so I can stun my future husband and guests on my big day (and also look suitably groomed when I’m bridesmaid for my best mate in April).

Overall, I don’t have too much to complain about. I’m 5′ 4″, slender without being too skinny. My eyes can be a sparkly blue; although more often than not that sparkle is replaced with a tired glazed expression. The framing of said eyes isn’t so great at the moment. Beautifully groomed eyebrows have given way to a couple of furry caterpillars whilst I wait for a small amount of eczema to subside ahead of my next threading sesh.

I’m not really in proportion with my long torso and short legs, I’m decidedly pear-shaped and my cankels are chunky enough to make getting knee-highs a challenge. But I’m not too concerned about that. I love my teeny tiny waist and shapely shoulders, although in an ideal world they’d be Jennifer Anniston toned.

As a stereotypical bride (which I vowed I wouldn’t be, god darn bridezilla tendencies!) I’m growing my hair. Now it’s winter and not getting any UV the colour (brown) is good, but I can’t help but feel it could be in better condition and so much glossier.

Body lotion has to be one of my staples. My feet need work so they’re not so scary. But its my skin which is my main concern, being as it’s greasy enough to fry a full English breakfast on!

Overall I perhaps just need a bit of a spruce up.

That’s why the pampering spa session which I enjoyed on Saturday was so good. After a 45 minute full body aromatherapy massage (so relaxing), I was treated to my first ever facial. Never before had I encountered so many hot flannels or cotton wool pads, but it was great. The therapist totally understood my shiny, shiny skin and recommended products which she thought would help without being too hard sell. She also presented me with some lovely samples (who can resist mini bottles of Clarins?).

My treatment was finished off with a nail file and polish before browsing the beauty products for sale in the reception area. I wasn’t planning on spending anything (I’m not called Babe on a Budget for nothing y’know) but came away with an absorbing face pack (£6.30 reduced from £21.00) and a moisturiser (£12). Not quite the beauty bargains which I was previously compromising with, but in my defence, I really think oily skin is frequently overlooked. There are loads of products on the market for dry/sensitive/ageing skin, but if you’re oily or blemish prone it’s hard to find anything which caters for people with this type of skin who have successfully passed through puberty. Hence my keenness to snap up these wonder products. They certainly worked well in the spa. Now to test them out at home!


P.S. Before you think I’ve totally blown the budget, the spa day was actually a bit of a bargain. At just over £60 for a full body massage, facial and choice of further treatment. No, it wasn’t essential; but it was definately money well spent!


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