Have you swiped your Nectar card?

Nectar_toolbarWhilst I was purchasing various items of hen paraphernalia on Amazon and eBay a couple of days ago, I also set aside some points for a new kettle, or perhaps some lampshades.

You see the beauty of the Nectar Rewards Scheme is that not only can you earn points in numerous high street stores and petrol stations to redeem against treats, but you can also gain those lovely points at stacks of online retailers too.

For those out of the loop Nectar works in the same way as many other loyalty cards. After registering for your card you just need to remember to hand it over/swipe it/key in your details every time you make a purchase at a qualifying retailer and you then earn points which can be redeemed at a number of places against a selection of items and experiences.

Plus, with the nifty new Nectar toolbar you can earn even more points (up to 50 extra points per month) by using Nectar Search, powered by Yahoo. The toolbar even tells you when you’re on a site where you could be earning Nectar points and prompts you to log in to your Nectar account to ensure you don’t miss out on any rewards.

Granted, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to pay for your forthcoming nuptials with Nectar points (can you imagine?! Thank you Mr Photographer, now the small matter of payment – do you accept Nectar reward points?), but as they’re redeemable in Argos (amongst lots of other places) they’re invaluable for the more essential and practical things in life, which is why when our clothes airer snapped under the weight of my soggy moto jeans last year we got a new one from Argos with our Nectar points. Leaving our cash safely tucked away for spending on slightly more exciting things.

Plus, as with any self-respecting brand these days – there’s even an app for that – check it out!


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