Are we really just a bunch of gold diggers?

My daily alert from Marie Claire bought with it this gem of an article:*

It discusses a new report from Catherine Hakim, of the London School of Economics which suggests that ‘Women […] use marriage as alternative or supplement to their employment careers’ by marrying someone more highly qualified and more highly paid.

According to Marie Claire, she suggests that David Cameron is wrong to support the idea of quotas for bringing more women on to the boards of businesses as, well, women don’t really want to be there and instead want to be housewives, but feel a certain stigma attached to admitting to this.

I’m not sure what you make of this, but personally, I have no desire to be a ballbreaker on the board of Directors. Not due to a lack of direction or ambition, but mostly due to a lack of interest. The higher you move up the food chain, the less ‘hands on’ and creative you can be. Making strategy decisions and discussing year-end figures holds no interest for me. But that doesn’t mean I want to find a rich man to shack up with and be kept in the manner to which I would become accustomed. Nor do I want to become a bored housewife. Weirdly, I still want to be able to be independent and earn my own money (even if that then goes into a joint pot) doing something I enjoy.

Perhaps women are marrying men with high IQs and bulging wallets because, with equality, has come the confidence to realise that we don’t have to ‘settle’ and that we are worthy of that man even if he does have a Masters and a Black Amex and we don’t.Perhaps, men tend to earn more and have access to more educational opportunities because – shock – they don’t have to give birth?!

Granted – there’s always going to be some women who are gold diggers, likewise, there are some women who are going to want to make it to the top professionally and won’t let anyone stand in their way. But dare I throw a third type of woman into the mix – the one who wants to enjoy life and doesn’t need to be controlled or controlling. To me that sound like a nice balance – regardless of your bank balance – what do you reckon?

*P.S. Hope you’re able to concentrate on the Marie Claire article – having Louie Spence following you down the page is a little intimidating. I half expected him to break into a little dance.


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