Tweet what you spend

babeonabudgetuk_twitter_pageAs my cashpoint/envelope/spend diary experiment was sadly inconclusive. I’ve come up with another idea to help me save/prevent me from spending more than I earn…

It’s based on the principle of Tweet What You Eat. Dubbed by The Telegraph as “A new diet on Twitter […] hailed for its effectiveness as it shames people into listing the amount of calories they have consumed each day”.

See, I’m wondering if I Tweet what I spend if it will shame me into spending less, or at least encourage me to spend more wisely? As ever, ‘there’s an App for that’ (several in fact) but I’m going to do it the independent way. So if you’re at all interested in what I spend waste my hard-earned cash on follow me on Twitter @babeonabudget1.

I’ll be doing this for the whole of January – fortunately I haven’t spent anything (yet!) so I can start afresh today. Gulp!


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