New Year Resolutions

If you’re an avid glossy reader like me, then no new year is complete without the obligatory New Years ressies, generally a long list of them. Here’s what I’m aiming for in 2011…

1.) Have FUN! 2010 was hard work. 2011 needs to put a big ‘hands in the air’ smile on my face

2.) Save, save, save – for the wedding and for life in general. I really want to make this the year where I STOP spending more than I earn. I’m getting there, but there’s still room for improvement

3.) Start a daily beauty routine – well a girl has got to look her best on her wedding day

4.) Practice yoga

5.) Develop my blog babeonabudgetuk so it’s super amazing

That’s it! Happy New Year all – hope 2011 brings you everything you’re hoping for. xx

PS. Celebrated NYE in a cost-effective and laid back, yet fun stylee. At home with Love of my Life, good food, nice wine and champagne, great conversation, fab music and a bit of drunken dancing. Can’t believe it’s now our wedding year – how exciting!



3 responses to “New Year Resolutions

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